Men Explain Einstein to Me

If you are a woman, a man has probably at some point explained to you something about the area of your expertise. Rebecca Solnit tells about her own experience with a man who tried to explain (mansplain) a book she wrote to her.


Mansplainers usually assume you know less than you do because of your gender. Advices.



On March 14 the official Albert Einstein Facebook wall hosted Dr. Debbie Berebiches. This was a Facebook Live Event celebrating Einstein’s birthday. Dr. Berebiches answered questions about Einstein (I haven’t listened to her, I am sorry). Dr. Berebiches is the first Mexican woman to graduate with a Ph.D in physics from Stanford University. Yesterday an Israeli hi-tech veteran explained to her what was “the main contribution of general relativity to GPS”, a topic she clearly knows more about than him. She gave him a like and this was absolutely the right thing to do.


He then explained things to me, about Einstein’s religion. I am terribly sorry. I may not be the number one expert in Einstein’s philosophy of religion and personal views… well not that he is a great expert in this topic. Subsequently he asked me: “Have you read anything Einstein wrote in German? How about the dice quote? How about general relativity? …” and gave me advices:


In fact I read many papers and manuscripts in German and when I wake up in the middle of a dream at night, I think I was speaking German to Albert Einstein in my dream.


I could have stumped him but I preferred not to do this and not to discuss these matters further with him. I don’t believe mansplainers will ever change. Hence, it is better not to stump them and simply ignore them and avoid arguing with them on the area of your expertise. A mansplainer’s advice is unsolicited so you are under no obligation to listen. Advice.

Einstein expressed his religious views in 1922:



and he also expressed his views in 1930:


This article is from the Einstein Encyclopedia: