About Me

Most of my posts are in English and those are non-technical and are aimed at either lay audience interested in Einstein’s theories or at people with an undergraduate physics and mathematical training. Posts that are a little more technical can be found on my Quora page.

My name is Gali (Galina) Weinstein. I am currently a research associate at the University of Haifa; a historian of physics and specializing in the foundations of modern physics.

It was around the time of high school that I started to develop a keen interest in Albert Einstein. I have spent decades studying Einstein’s original manuscripts, papers and writings.


Einstein and I.

All this led me to the publication of three scholarly books, academic papers and articles on Einstein and his theories.

ein cover2


Back-Cover of my third book.

The media has reported on my research findings concerning the debate about the question: Did Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić assist him in solving his physics problems and co-author his 1905 special relativity paper? Other blogs have mentioned my research. For example.

My current project is the history and foundations of general relativity.