Peer Reviewing for A-level Journals

I have reviewed many scholarly papers for quite a few bona fide journals.

Neither in the acknowledgments nor in the reference list do the authors ever mention my name, nor do I ever receive citations because the peer review process is either double-blind or single-blind. Since the process is either double- or single-blind peer review, I never mention my own scholarly papers and books in my peer review report. I am always trying to write a detailed report which includes recommendations as to how the paper can be improved and I work hard on a peer review report with a genuine effort to make the paper publishable in the journal.

Reviewers of scholarly papers are not paid. People in academia usually don’t turn down invitations to review papers because if they publish papers in a journal, then they also review papers submitted by others.

Last week I got a certificate with a band for my contributions as a reviewer to an A-level journal in history and philosophy of science: